Life Straight Ahead


About Life Straight Ahead

Life Straight Ahead offers three types of housing models to fit the needs of our non-minor dependent youth (18-21):  Single site facility, shared apartment living, and Host Family Model.  Youth driven and Youth focused, our transitional housing team is focused on permanency.  We offer extended foster youth the choice as to what type of housing they feel they can successfully live in.   Our goal is successful, independent living and a permanent connection with a caring, supportive adult by 21.  Our transition team uses the National Foster Club Transitions Toolkit to guide the path to successful independent living by 21.  Ten domains have been nationally recognized for extended foster youth and are the framework for our transitions team as we work towards permanency.


THP+FC Program

Our Services


*Case Management Services

*Food & Necessity Allowance

*Educational & Career Development

*Access to Community Resources

*Financial Literacy

*24 Hour Crisis Intervention & Support

*Transportation Assistance

*Ongoing Life Skills Training

*Public Benefits Advocacy

*Prepare Youth for Permanent Housing


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